Sunday, 23 December 2012

We went on tour at the end of October with Good Throb.  We made a 7 song tape for that tour and are continuing to make them.  Most of it is new ...

You can get one by paypalling £3 in the UK or £5 for anywhere else to

Here are a couple of songs from it

We also have 2 songs on a compilation of bands from London called MODERN BABYLON.  All profit goes to the DIY space for London project.

It also features NO, Woolf, Good Throb, Satellites of Love and some more.  You can get the tape from Muscle Horse Records in the UK or if you are from the US try Sorry State or Grave Mistake.  You can also download and pay what you like from the Muscle Horse website.  You can find out more about DIY space for London HERE.

Also we now live together.